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profileHi and a warm welcome to our site from Dr. Robert P. Nussbaum Ph.D, Director of Solutions For Health.

You may have landed on our site because you are looking to find a psychologist who can help you to overcome anxiety. Perhaps you are feeling worried constantly with or without reason, or perhaps you are even feeling scared, afraid, worried, or confused. Perhaps you have been having sudden panic attacks where you feel as though you are about to faint, or worse. Perhaps you even worry that you are seriously ill.

As a psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I have helped people like you thru all of these extremely frustrating symptoms.
Oftentimes, such feeling result from unconscious conflicts and issues which need to be resolved. Often, we have strong feelings that have come to the forfront of which we are totally unaware but which show themselves in the form of these symptoms.

In seeing you for the first time, it is important for me to take a complete and thorough history of your condition as well as to get a real good idea of you the flow of your life. It will be important for me to see if their are any medical conditions that may be causing these symptoms, adding to them, or which need treatment before I can be of much help to you.

At times, I find that much of our anxiety symptoms result from attitudes toward life that because we have always taken them for granted, we never fully examined them to see how they could be affecting our life and those around us in ways that produce anxeity and worry. By getting to know you on a personal basis during the course of your psychotherapy, I will be able to best help you to understand how you can resolve issues which may be causing you to become anxious, worried, nervous, or even afraid and panicky.

I also have a holistic approach to helping you. While as a licensed psychologist, I do not prescribe medication but t. There are times when I may suggest a psychiatric consult to see if medication may help you. However, I generally encourage my clients to work thru the issues leading to their anxiety so that it does not persist or reoccur throughout their life.

At other times, I may train you in various behavioral and cognitive techniques that have helped others with these issues. The exact approach that we take, will be talked about between us.

Anxiety symptoms can be very frustrating, painful, and interfere in ones life in a very big way – sometimes we don’t realize exactly how big. If you would like me to help you get to the bottom of this problem, you can call me at 1 800 576 PHDS or email me at
or fill out this contact form. [contact_form lang=en] I will get in touch with you personally, not a secretary or office manager. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Robert Nussbaum Ph.D

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