Crisis Intervention

August 30, 2011 No Comments

slide3As a psychologist with many many years of experience I have been called upon to help provide emotional support, encouragement and help to those who have found themselves in crisis. I have worked with many survivors of the two bombings of the world trade center and who have suffered terrible tragedy in their lives. I have worked with countless clients, referred by their employees assistance programs who were going thru crisis at work or home. We have also done seminars for corporations where hundreds of employees were going thru stress due to major changes and reshufflings at their workplace.

I have helped countless clients face challenges and defeats in their lives which they feared would overwhelm them, and helped them find a rainbow at the end of their crisis.

As a psychologist in Sullivan County NY with offices conveniently serving all of Sullivan County NY and most of Orange County NY, I can offer you an immediate appointment if I feel I can be help in assisting you thru any crisis that you may be facing. You can always reach me at 1 800 576 phds or at or simply use the contact form below and i will get in touch with you:

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