If you would like to come in to see me, just call us or contact us to make an appointment. We do work by appointment and most of our clients have regular weekly appointments. This means that while we can often accomodate you with regard to the time of your appointment, this is not always possible as our existing clients generally keep to a regular schedule.

If you do make an appointment, normally we will ask you to give us an agreed upon notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule unless you have a condition which required medical treatment. This is because unlike your visits to your family doctor, we must set aside a substantial block of time exclusively for you and as such, it takes available time away from our other clients if that time cannot be filled.

We accept most insurance. Normally we will ask you to call your insurance company before you come in to verify your benefits and to insure that you have coverage. We will ask you to write down some basic information that they may tell you and bring it with you at the time of your appointment together with your insurance card.

At the time of your first visit,  i will generally ask you to complete our intake paperwork.  During the first visit, my goal will be for us to do a thorough assessment of your presenting issues along with your background etc. This is essential to during the first visit so i can see if i can help you and how best to help you and what other services you may need if any. I will be asking you many questions during our initial visit but once we actually start treatment in further sessions, our time together may be quite different.

Once this assessment phase has been completed we will set up a recommended course of treatment for you so we can begin the journey of self understanding and growth.



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