Substance Abuse

May 31, 2011 1 Comment

slide1At Solutions For Health, we see many clients who have a problem with substance abuse. Where we can be of most help is working together with our clients to help them understand why and how their emotional needs and issues often cause them to “self medicate” themselves in an attempt to alleviate emotional pain, thru the use of various substances. We often will recommend a complete physical as well as involvement with some form of outpatient or inpatient drug program depending on the circumstances. At times, AA or NA is sufficient while at times, a more intense intervention needs to be considered. As a psychologist we can help you explore each of these alternatives and provide you with the caring supportive help and encouragement that may enable you to take the first steps toward leading a substance free lifestyle.

Often times, substance abuse leads to a vicious cycle of deterioration in ones marriage, relationship or employment situation. We can help you heal your life so you will have less of a need to self medicate.

Thus, while we do not provide many of the services that a drug or alcohol program may, we can provide the most important help in your recovery, namely a caring psychologist with years of experience with whom you can visit in a personal, private, and confidential atmosphere and who can provide you with the emotional support you may need to make these changes in your life. I welcome you to come in for an appointment and an evaluation so we can see together what the best way to help you is. I look forward to hearing from You. As a private psychologist in Sullivan County NY, I have seen many client going thru the same things you may be right now, so I would encourage you to call and begin getting the help you are seeking.

You can always reach me at 1 800 576 phds or at or simply use the contact form below and i will get in touch with you:

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