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Its normal to get angry sometimes. However, when ones anger is excessive, frequent, inappropriate in expression, and interferes with ones daily functioning and ones relationships with others its time to think of anger management.

Frequently clients who have anger issues and not self referred to our office or self initiated. It takes courage to admit that there is a problem and unfortunately one of the accompanying issues that makes self referral difficult is the tendency to blame others and deny responsibility in oneself. So frequently, it is an employer, a lover, a spouse, or a school, that may institute such a referral. However, in many other instances it will be the client himself after he or she becomes dismayed by their own behavior and emotions and their impact on their life or the lives of others.

The first step in helping such clients often lies in developing a caring therapeutic relationship. Next, it is important to help my clients understand how their underlying thoughts and attitudes, of which they may either be unaware of or which they have never questioned, may be playing an important role in the anger they feel and how they express it.  Once a client is willing to take responsibility for these, he or she is supremely able to change them.

Next it is important to help my clients understand and become aware of the triggers for these thoughts and attitudes and how they translate into their behavior. Then I can help them adopt new behaviors and new thoughts which can help modify their anger and its expression.

At times, my client’s anger may be displaced from one situation, past or present, into the present situation. At other times,  a client’s anger and its expression may be a cover for an opposite emotion which may even have been displaced as well.  Working through these issues can help change an angry person into a happy one.

Lastly, it is important for me and my clients to explore their social skills. Often, frustration anger and helpless feelings are triggered by insufficient people and communication skills.  Assisting my clients to learn these can often help them to be less angry and anger prone.

If you or someone you know is having issues with anger,  as a psychologist, thru counseling, I can often be of great help in making these issues a thing of the past. Feel free to reach out and make an appointment to come in for a confidential session today.

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Dr. Robert Nussbaum Ph.D

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