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Child Psychologist - Helping Chidren And TeensOne of our specialities at Solutions For Health has been providing psychotherapy and counseling for children and teens. As a psychologist in Liberty NY as well as Bloomingburg NY,  I see children of all ages in my practice.  Children like adults, experience many of the same sorts of diagnostic conditions though they may be expressed in different ways. For example, acting out on the part of a teenager may represent underlying depression and feelings of loneliness and loss. Oppositional behavior in children may be reflective of unresolved feelings of anger and hurt.

Every child and situation is unique and requires a unique caring approach which I provide.  Sometimes, a good one to one caring relationship, between myself and the child or teen can help tremendously at getting to and resolving underlying conflicts, hurt resentment, anxiety and sadness. Sometimes, depending on the child and the situation, I may find it necessary to engage in counseling with their parent.  Not because their parent is ill intentioned or inadequate as a parent but because parenting is a art, like practicing psychotherapy, which can always stand improvement. At times, a parent may be handling a situation 99% correctly but it is that other 1% that the parent may be totally unaware of that may contributing to the problem.

Sometimes, as a psychologist doing counseling with children, it is necessary to teach them various skills, such as how to relax, handle stress, deal with peers or authority and so on. These are not skills that we are born with and sometimes for various reasons we have not picked them up in the course of our childhood. Not having these skills may become very perplexing and confusing to a child who may wrongfully interpret the negative feedback he receives as a reflection on his soul or self worth.  As a psychologist it is quite gratifying when a child that i am working with can begin to change his self image and acquire these skills.

Many children in my practice present with multiple diagnostic issues. It is important to understand what these issues are so they can best be helped. For example, some children appear hyperactive, cant sit still, show poor concentration etc.  Still other children seem angry defiant willful and dont listen to instructions. Still other children may be acting out in a variety of ways which violate societal norms such as  lying, stealing, breaking things, destroying property, getting in trouble with the law etc. Each syndrome needs to be addressed a little differently. Compounding this however, is that many children may present with more than one of the above. In this instance, helping them become more complex. At times, the cooperation of their parent can be crucial in bringing about positive change in many of these istances.

If you have a child that you feel may be feeling sad anxious or angry or if their behavior is adversely affecting those around him or her, I would welcome the opportunity to be of help to you and them.

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