About Us
Dr. Nussbaum and Congressman Chris Cibson NY

Dr Nussbaum Ph.D is a well known and respected member of the Sullivan County community. Here is  Dr. Nussbaum Ph.D psychologist in private practice, together with Congressman Chris Gibson R-NY


Solutions For Health is a private practice founded by Dr. Robert P. Nussbaum Ph.D in 1992. Since that time, our practice has included offices in Brooklyn NY, Bronx NY, Goshen NY, Middletown N.Y, Monticello N.Y. Bloomingburg N.Y. and Liberty N.Y.

In addition to providing psychological services to individuals couples families, and children, it may interest you to know that we also specialize in providing psychological services to corporations and government agencies. We are proud of our role as providers of counseling and crisis intervention to survivors of the world trade center bombing. Over the course of these years, we have also provided major government agencies with in house EAP services as well as seminars and workshops on stress management, and transition and change which are geared to both management and employees, We also provide focus groups, employee counseling and much much more. We would be pleased to set up similar programs for your company or to arrange to provide our services to your company by designing a seminar and program especially for your corporation and conduct it at your business.

Another interesting area of speciality is in in Workers Compensation, No Fault and disability. Our Director, Dr. Nussbaum, is not only a licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of experience but is also an Authorized Workers Comp Psychologist. He has performed countless IME’s in Workers Comp and No Fault claims and have over 25 years of Forensic Clinical Experience. To discuss conducting IME’s, psychological services for workers comp, no fault and EAP clients, or to set up an in-house workshop and to answer any questions you may have call us at: 1 800 576 PHDS  (7437)


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